Monday, January 25, 2016

Lots of thoughts and lots of things

There always seems to be two choices when a situation demands decision: to or not to. The important thing to remember is that it's not about which you choose; to or not to, but what the intent is. Always make sure the choice is made with these in mind: it makes you happy, it's not deceitful, and other people can't be hurt by it. Even if any of these sure-things occur when you thought impossible, remember shit happens and as long as your original intent was genuine, learn to learn from your mistakes. Life is about many things, all in perfect balance of each other. But one thing is for sure when it comes to the meaning of life; and that is learn from mistakes so that you never make the same mistake again. Learn to deal with mistakes, knowing some things don't change over night. Always research everything you are taught, told or given as "truth". There are nearly 8 billion different minds in the world which means there are 8 billion different interpretations of any one concept or idea. There is no one person in the world with the "one truth" for everyone. That doesn't truly exist. There can only be one truth per one person; that "truth" is personal and is an accumulation of your own first hand experiences. Nothing should be allowed to stunt the growth of your truth of mind; no religion, no master, no leader, no pope, no preacher, no president, no occult or cult, no "relationship", nothing that is centered in fear that is. Be true to your own gut feelings, stop flattering others as it's just another way of false advertising and basically lies. Remember the unavoidable subconscious karma-like law of "if this then that" happens behind the scenes, working in the backroom parallel, simultaneously as you live consciously doing conscious things. And therefore, with the ITTT working alongside you without you initiating the function of it, being now aware of how it works, consciously create positive and only positive can follow it as it inevitably makes it's way around back to you. Waiting for the good thing to come back to you because of your positive choice you made, is unnecessary and unattractive to be frank. Remember this: good only produces good. Fear or commonly miss-used. "bad", in it's very nature can only therefore produce repercussions of the same once they too come back around. SO do what makes you happy which will create positive outcomes that will naturally abandon fear, causing no detrimental hurt to you and yours, and then forget about it. WHEN you make mistakes, decisions made from fear, which produce deceit that spawns hurting others without them knowing it which will create the sadness deep inside you, don't dwell on the failure, but rather counter-create a positive. Be honest early, come clean early enough so that you don't have to prepare for that original "bad" decision when it comes back to you later. Life is what you make of it and you are not defined by the failures you make because if you made them, you can also make them go away. Think about that ;)

Remember, no human is superior to another human. Superiority is not the same as Responsibility. Superiority is a myth; an easily persuasive misconception that fools the subconscious mind into believing it can be king or queen of the whole world around it. When in reality, the basis is true, just misinterpreted in application. Each individual human being IS the superior and the soul ruler of THEIR own world; their own life. That inherent desire to be like gods or in charge of something great or the desire to be looked up to for whatever reason, is not a negative thing. It's the failure in properly applying that desire to your own life-world. The problem is not the human nature tendencies that every single human being has inside them,  the problem is the easily fooled sub-mind that naturally applies it's desires to the world around you, outside of your "real" inner true world, the only one that matters essentially. Once you realize this about your sub-mind, you can then redirect, revert, reroute and ultimately controlling the direction of application. This sort of perfect balance of two counterparts in one, each function-able in and of itself, are invincible as soon as you know when it kicks in, how and what affects it, why it reacts suddenly to certain situations, etc. We are meant to rule over the world we create from the perfect teamwork of your balanced co-pilot kind of union between you and your sub-conscious. We are NOT meant to shut off the conscious, we are not meant to let the subconscious take over because it doesn't know any better; it doesn't know the difference between, for example, a dream or when you are awake. Our subconscious is not equipped (without the conscious) to control its reactions to what is coming into our heads. It will react binary-ly, so to speak. It doesn't know you are watching a horror film at home in the dark, so when the movie is over, and you are getting ready to go to bed, if your conscious self is shut off, you will begin to hear things, see things feel spooky things in the house as your sub-mind is still in fear mode from watching the scary movie even though it's over and wasn't in fact real. Your subconscious doesn't know the difference. It's a perfect design, flawless in power, working perfectly as it is supposed to; at the very same time, its very natural binary function is the very same thing that can kill you IF you let go of your common sense, your conscious awareness, your counter-reactive physical self. This is so easily misunderstood and flip-flopped in application so commonly that if you try to explain it to someone who has shut off their physical conscious common sense self, they will look at you like you are insane because they have been taught the very same concept but they don't realize it was applied ass backwards. So they think they are doing things the correct way when they are actually doing the correct thing in the absolute wrong way. So the look you get, that dead stare of confusion, is so beyond what they were taught in church growing up or told in politics growing up, that they immediately assume you are the crazy one that has it all wrong.
Life is all about balance. The accumulation of your own experiences, both "good" and "bad" to create the perfect co-piloting mechanical relationship between your blind sub-conscious and your clairvoyant-hearing impaired, deaf physical conscious, to custom fit to your ultimate co-existence enabling you to actually create your own future; eliminating fear entirely.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BE FEARLESS - The Hampstead Cover-Up: Alisa & Gabriel are the bravest children to-date

People are not born Evil, they are BRED evil. People are not BORN in sin, they are BRED to believe they are. People are not born liars, they are BRED liars. People ARE born FEARLESS.

Toddlers are fearless, until someone comes along and puts fear in their heads. A toddler sees a spider for the first time and doesn't scream and run away, the toddler is curious and observational, until someone jumps in and interjects with a protective grab of the toddler and usually a gasp and says "Yikes! Move away from that!" Thus marking the BRED or learned reaction to spiders forever.

After our natural fearlessness is interrupted and replaced with fear, our minds, our personality, our way of living is out of our control making us slaves to a fear-based system.
Break free of that false sense of fear and no one can control you except you.

Be Fearless. Be free. Be the change you want to see on this plain-et and don't be afraid to speak up and speak out against the ones who are subjecting people to fear-based lives.
Without fear, all that's left is LOVE, in all forms. Be Fearless