Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BE FEARLESS - The Hampstead Cover-Up: Alisa & Gabriel are the bravest children to-date

People are not born Evil, they are BRED evil. People are not BORN in sin, they are BRED to believe they are. People are not born liars, they are BRED liars. People ARE born FEARLESS.

Toddlers are fearless, until someone comes along and puts fear in their heads. A toddler sees a spider for the first time and doesn't scream and run away, the toddler is curious and observational, until someone jumps in and interjects with a protective grab of the toddler and usually a gasp and says "Yikes! Move away from that!" Thus marking the BRED or learned reaction to spiders forever.

After our natural fearlessness is interrupted and replaced with fear, our minds, our personality, our way of living is out of our control making us slaves to a fear-based system.
Break free of that false sense of fear and no one can control you except you.

Be Fearless. Be free. Be the change you want to see on this plain-et and don't be afraid to speak up and speak out against the ones who are subjecting people to fear-based lives.
Without fear, all that's left is LOVE, in all forms. Be Fearless

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